dimanche 20 novembre 2016


Hi everyone, today i'm going to talk about an important topic in our lives that is music. For me, and i think for a lot of people music is everything because when you're sad, you can listen to a music who puts you in a good mood and then magically you're feeling better !!!I like a lot of kinds of music specially pop and slow songs but i also like to listen to the other genres of songs that are not pop or slow but those ones who reminds me some good memories. If i have to choose my favorite singer, i will probably don't give any noun because i really like a lot of songs of different cultures like Spanish songs that are so good and have a good rythm for the majority like 'Obra maestra" of Romeo Santos or "Obsesion" of Lucenzo...
Arabic songs are good too, we have special instruments like the "oud" that is a kind of traditional guitar or the "derbouga" which is like a drum but a lit bit different in the form. In Morocco we have a traditional genre which is the "ala" or the "tarab al andalousi" and i really like it it's original and we can find this genre in the moroccans' channels in every national holiday.
This is the links of the songs that i talked about:
And this is one of the "ala's" songs