samedi 11 février 2017

My favorite series

Hi everyone ! So today i'm going to tell you about my favorite series as you saw in the title. Personally, i really like series that turn around a love story with romantic scenes but also with adventures about other topics like in "grey's anatomy" that's an american serie that i really like and that in every single episode we have different topics with patients that have problems and the main characters which are doctors and specially surgeons try to help them and save their life. I also watched "Gossip Girl" when i was in the middle school and it's funny because it's about the life of rich characters that are in the hight school and that share their gossips about other people at school in the "gossip girl" web site , it's a teenager's serie that in general girls like it more than boys. Apart those two amazing series series, i watched some romantic turkish ones but i've forgotten their names.
Thank's for reading my paragraphe and i hope that you liked it.

dimanche 20 novembre 2016


Hi everyone, today i'm going to talk about an important topic in our lives that is music. For me, and i think for a lot of people music is everything because when you're sad, you can listen to a music who puts you in a good mood and then magically you're feeling better !!!I like a lot of kinds of music specially pop and slow songs but i also like to listen to the other genres of songs that are not pop or slow but those ones who reminds me some good memories. If i have to choose my favorite singer, i will probably don't give any noun because i really like a lot of songs of different cultures like Spanish songs that are so good and have a good rythm for the majority like 'Obra maestra" of Romeo Santos or "Obsesion" of Lucenzo...
Arabic songs are good too, we have special instruments like the "oud" that is a kind of traditional guitar or the "derbouga" which is like a drum but a lit bit different in the form. In Morocco we have a traditional genre which is the "ala" or the "tarab al andalousi" and i really like it it's original and we can find this genre in the moroccans' channels in every national holiday.
This is the links of the songs that i talked about:
And this is one of the "ala's" songs

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Tangier, Morocco

Hello! My name is Kenza i'm 15 years old but tomorrow i'll have 16 years this paragraph i'm going to talk about my countrys' cultures and i'm going to describe my city by giving the good and the bad things to be honest, but it doesn't mean that my city is ugly.
I'm from Morocco a country that is situated in the north of Africa and i'm living in Tangier; a city in the north of Morocco.
Tangier is a good city, we have beautiful seas and we are near to Spain (we can go there in 30mins only but by boat) and we are famous by our accent that is funny for the others because we talk slowly and we have specific words for somethings like carrots in our language is "djada" but in classical arabic it's "khiso" Tangier we have really nice places where we can go and see panoramic views espacialy in "achakar" who's a place where you have traditional food like grilled fish and tea. Until now i talked only about good things but the bad things i think it's that we are bored quickly so we go out alwaays this is why if you go out at midnight you'll see a lot of people outside and sometimes we have really bad weather with a lot of wind even in summer.